The year Game Pass proved it was a viable alternative

The year is closing, a 2021 that has been an ode to the player. A year that has come loaded with games to bore and with an impeccable quality. Proposals of all kinds and for everyone, From Ratchet & Clanck: Rift Appart, to Metroid Dread and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Despite the fact that the new consoles have made a lot of headlines, this has been the year in which the real stars have been the games.

I think I am not mistaken if I say that all companies must be satisfied. After dealing with a global pandemic and supply crisis, video games have been a key part of the world. And many projects have come to light to offer unforgettable experiences.

Xbox Game Pass proved it’s a real disruption

Yes, I know. It’s an Xbox website and you think you’re reading something partisan. Possibly so, but this is still an opinion piece at the end of the day. So let me explain the reasons why I believe that Game Pass has been imposed in 2021 and has proven to be a viable alternative in this crazy video game industry.

We have been getting to know the subscriber data, which seems to they do not stop growing every quarter. In fact, Microsoft has already confirmed that the subscription generates benefits, so that mantra that “it is not profitable” is broken, a fallacy that was fed precisely by people who were not going to use it or give it away. So much so that the 1 euro promotion has been going on for years and they never even gave it a try …

Today no one can conceive Xbox without Game Pass. It is not required, it is optional, but it is an inherent part of the dashboard, the marketing and the overall experience. Launching the games in the service on the day of their launch has not diminished the ability to generate income on the part of the Americans, in fact they have almost tripled the production of projects and doubled the investment in bringing proposals to the service.

Let the games talk

I still remember how many, including myself, thought that this crazy idea from Microsoft would be mostly focused on minor games or independent games. Today the stamp and perception of Game Pass is different, Microsoft has bought Bethesda just to feed its members with games, has more than 20 studios working on various projects as high-budget games arrive at launch. As close examples we have Back 4 Blood or STALKER 2.

Being a Game Pass subscriber means that you will never be short of high-level games and variety. And as proof of this I leave you the list of the best rated games of the year by Metacritic. Of the 10 games listed, 7 of them are on Game Pass; and 4 are produced by Xbox Game Studios.

  1. Hades – 93.
  2. Forza Horizon 5 – 92.
  3. Psychonauts 2 – 91.
  4. Microsoft Flight Simulator – 90.
  5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition – 90.
  6. It Takes Two – 89.
  7. F1 2021 – 88.
  8. Hitman 3 – 87.
  9. Death’s Door – 87.
  10. Halo Infinite – 87.

Although good, looking a little better at the list, Death’s Door was also on Game Pass, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition may not be long in coming thanks to EA Play. Today you have more than 400 games to choose from, and adding up.

Game Pass is already an option and a competitor in the market

Today Microsoft’s rivals are not looking only at a console, they are facing a company that is stuck to the bone in PC, in the streaming service and in the living room. But is that in addition to that the potential to attract subscribers is gigantic And although a few years ago it was less accentuated, today we can say that Game Pass is a dangerous weapon for Sony or Nintendo. A monthly subscription can appeal to many pockets now that there is quality and quantity. And it’s no surprise that Xbox rivals are working on improving their own subscriptions.

Luckily for the more traditional, Game Pass is still just an addition, it is not the future, it is the present that coexists with the traditional format. You can always buy your games and play them whenever you want without thinking that one day they may go out of service. Although the fact of playing them in Game Pass also has a prize, because you get them with a 20% discount if you decide to buy them.

But if there is something I have no doubt about, it is that this year has been the year in which the company has managed to demonstrate that its idea was viable, that Xbox is in better health than ever and that Game Pass has only just begun. It will give a lot to talk about in the coming years and here Microsoft already has a lot of advantage behind it.

And you do you think? Do you think this has been the year that Game Pass has shown everything it could offer?