There are now five games that will leave the Xbox Game Pass at the end of December; list increases

Five games will be removed from your Xbox Game Pass subscription shortly, and we’ll remind you which ones. Initially there would only be four, but there was one more understandable title that will bid farewell to the Xbox Game Pass.

Games are periodically removed from the Xbox Game Pass subscription to free up space and provide new offers to players. We have for you the list of games that will soon be withdrawn from service.

Active members can, if necessary, download the game of their dreams with a 20% discount

Remember, PUBG will become free-to-play, so it doesn’t make sense for it to remain in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Also in January, the PUBG Corp game. should become free to play.

Now let’s keep an eye out for the next games coming in January to replace them. We believe that next week Microsoft should announce the new round of Xbox Game Pass. So go back to Windows Club that we are going to pass on all the news.