There are rumors about the possible arrival of Warner Bros games on the Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass catalog is one of Microsoft’s greatest strongholds, mainly due to the constant entry of high quality titles on the service, as happened in this first week of 2022 with the arrival of games like Mass Effect Legendary Edition or the return of the fantastic Outer Wilds.

Now, rumors are increasing about the possible arrival of other titles to the service. Specifically, many users have started to theorize about the arrival of games from Warner Bros no Xbox Game Pass, due to the last interaction that was made on the company’s official Twitter account.

In a discussion where the Xbox account made an image about what they call video games, the Xbox Game Pass account responded with the same. However, theories began to emerge when the Warner Bros. account. Games mentioned the Game Pass account comment instead of the Xbox one, as all official accounts did.

As we discussed, this sparked rumors about the ability to view Warner Bros games on the Xbox Game Pass. Jthere are several company titles on the service today, and after the purchase rumors that occurred a few years ago, there is a chance that Warner and Microsoft will reach an agreement in the future.

However, these are still mere theories of what might happen, so we will have to wait to see if in the future there will be an agreement like the one mentioned above or if everything will come to nothing. Badsa people can now count on Warner Bros. as great Game Pass partner like Middle-earth: Shadows of War, Mortal Kombat 11, Batman games…