There’s a secret players haven’t discovered yet in Deathloop

Deathloop hides a secret that players haven’t discovered yet: it was revealed by level designer Julien Eveillé, providing some clues about the matter, but without saying what it is. So the mystery still persists and we hope someone finds out.

Awarded excellent marks on EDGE and close to perfect scores on Famitsu, Deathloop was judged as one of the best games of recent years, full of things to do and discover. It could be that he is among the candidates for GOTY.

“I know that the internet did not find everything we hid so far within Deathloop,” wrote Eveillé. “There is still a secret that I would like someone to find out.”

“This is not a well-hidden secret, it’s actually something that’s more or less under your nose but it’s linked to a series of eventualities that are far from obvious”, added the level designer.

“It’s the big consequence of a big event that can only happen if you make it happen. Furthermore, cause and consequence are not on the same map!”

Will Julien Eveillé’s clues be enough to make Deathloop players finally discover this secret too?