These are the 4 best “Squid Game” available in ROBLOX

The Squid Game is without a doubt, the series of fashion. The Korean title produced by Netflix has become a surprising media bomb in its interpretation of this mix of the Hunger Games with the legendary and violent, Battle Royale. Everyone is talking about it and there is even the occasional controversy, because even the children play this version of “Green Light, Red Light” in the schoolyards, perhaps precisely because they have seen it on ROBLOX.

Because yes, if you still did not know it, ROBLOX is a game available on PC, mobile and only on Xbox One, it is free-to-play and it is what we could call a “game of games”, as it is a kind of HUB where we will find the creations of the rest of users, almost without limit for the imagination. There is absolutely everything, even some officially licensed games, that users get to exploit the title, thanks to the appropriate micropayments, fully adjustable.

And of course, in this marvel of creation box that is ROBLOX, we can also find ways to play the Squid Game, on our consoles, mobile phones or PC. They are not official products far from it, but you just have to take a look to see how totally similar they are, with incredible details, and as you would expect, they work too.

Top 4 “Squid Game” on ROBLOX

Of course, there are many more than these 4 that we are going to show you, in Roblox there are thousands and thousands of games, you just have to search. But let’s go with the list, not without first mentioning how easy it is to play Roblox. We will only have to install it, run it, create an account (which will allow us to take our avatar to any device) and search for the game. As simple as that. Although if you click on PLAY from here, it will take you directly to the game tab.

Red Light Green Light – Squid Game de Slugfo – JUGAR

We start with the most powerful and played of the moment, with almost 200 million visits, the game made by Slugfo contains all the games, including the fight. It is undoubtedly the most worked and is that the user continues to update it so that people continue to enter even after the fever of the famous Netflix series has passed.

Squid Game de Kastro – JUGAR

This is perhaps the best known of the list and the one that benefits from using the same name. The user Kasstro has managed to recreate the Netflix series with great fidelity and with rooms with up to 100 players, we will be able to play practically all the tests. We will even have to dress in the jumpsuit from the show!


Right now the most played of all the list, with more than 150 million visits from users. At the moment, it only has the first test, at least that we have been able to test, but it is undoubtedly the most faithful of all to the series. We even have original music in the waiting rooms.

Squid Game – Red Light / Green Light de Team Doggies – JUGAR

From here the recycling of names began a bit, because as each user cannot repeat them, they dance from one to another. It is true that this one is not as worked as the previous one, but without a doubt an option that offers you again the possibility of playing the first test.

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