These are the notes and international review verdict for Halo Infinite

We are here working overnight on duty to cover the notes for Halo Infinite which will be released on December 8th. Well, here we have the first notes in hand and the verdict of the international expert critic for the next Master Chief adventure.

Overall Halo Infinite was really nice and got high marks overall, at least so far, but we’ll be able to update this story if things change. Below, check out the comments and notes from some great sites.

Windows Central – 100

Halo Infinite is a phenomenal game that completely exceeded my expectations. By seamlessly combining exciting new elements with the traditional Halo formula, 343 Industries created its magnun opus.

VG247- 100

Halo Infinite is not perfect. There are weaknesses and struggles here and there. But it’s also a definitive release; it’s exactly what Halo needs to be right now. As the relevance of Halo has started to wane in recent years, this is a bold statement that, no, Halo isn’t ‘over’ yet. It was never close. It’s important and it’s still brilliant. I don’t mind waiting to see where the updates lead, because what’s here at launch is already brilliant. I’m excited about the future of Halo again.

Gamesbeat – 100

Consider me a Halo fan now. I’ve never really been looking forward to Infinite. But now that you’re here, it’s much more than I expected.

Inverse – 100

If Doom Eternal is a cheeseburger and fries at In-n-Out, then Halo Infinite is a big-city steak dinner with an expensive bottle of delicious red wine. It’s the strong grandpa showing the young bigwig how it’s done, because he invented the game.

The Washington Post – 95

The game allows you to live and relive the best moments of the Halo series whenever you want, whether it’s playing an escape pilot for a botched base attack, a pilot abandoning ship after an impromptu dogfight, dropping from the air to attack enemies down with a hammer like Thor, or be the leader of a platoon of a disorganized group of soldiers cautiously navigating the vast Pacific Northwest inspired forests of Zeta Halo. … Finally, a Halo experience once again reminds the player not to look into the eyes of the purposefully anonymous Master Chief hiding behind his helmet; we must look through them.

Stevivor – 95

Halo Infinite is a shining example of what a Halo game is at its core, while being refreshed, refreshed and very modern.

Game Informer – 93

Like many, I’m saddened that Halo Infinite doesn’t offer co-op multiplayer at launch, just because it’s been a stronghold of the series’ identity. It’s a disappointing omission, but I have to judge the game in front of me, not the features I wish were there. And by that measure, Halo Infinite is a big hit. Whether you want a big, mysterious sci-fi adventure or a chance to immerse yourself in intense PvP gameplay, Halo Infinite hits the shots where it counts and heralds a new era for one of gaming’s most recognizable pillars.

Gamespot- 90

Halo Infinite strives to transform what it means to be a Halo game, making the Chief a reluctant father figure to a young, naive AI and placing him in an open-world setting. Turns out it was a risk worth taking for the franchise, as Infinite is an amazing game. Certain story elements are on the weaker side, and the incredible Grappleshot makes the rest of the Chief’s gear look a little deficient in comparison, but those are minor deficiencies in what otherwise appears to be the best Halo campaign.

IGN – 90

Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign is exactly what this series needed. He brings out the best of the Master Chief’s unique and satisfying combat style, while leveraging old ideas to create memorable new moments. Its history is insufficient for new and veteran players, but six years were worth the wait.

GamesRadar+ – 90

Halo Infinite celebrates a 20-year legacy with style and intelligently lays the groundwork for future expansion – and it’s the best Halo has had in a while.

Eurogamer Italy – 90

Halo Infinite is an unexpectedly surprising game capable of mixing the series’ past and future. There are still some refinements to be made, but this is just the beginning of an epic adventure.

Dualshockers – 90

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, it seems almost poetic that Halo Infinite is its biggest, boldest and most creative release since the series’ launch. Bringing a return to form to both the campaign and multiplayer, the entire experience is a tour de force from Halo for the Xbox brand.

VGC – 80

Halo Infinite’s shift to a more open world structure feels like a new start for the series, with nostalgic nods and new introductions combining to great effect. Both the campaign and multiplayer have room for improvement, but the base experience is strong.

Eurogamer – no scoring

Somewhere among those icons on the map is a tantalizing mystery, and that’s what the Silent Cartographer was all about, wasn’t it? Being in a strange world, not knowing why, how or who. Working things out while the fight ends. Halo Infinite, underneath it all, is exactly that. And if nothing else, you can always count on that golden triangle – Master Chief and his gun, grenade and Gravity Hammer – this time on its own terms, the best in a decade.

Polygon – no punctuation

In a way, the hook looks like a perfect microcosm of Halo Infinite as a whole. It’s an addition that somehow shakes things up, while seeming to belong all the time. In keeping with the design principles of Halo Infinite and its iconic characters, 343 Industries has created something that carries the weight of Halo’s legacy and is prepared to carry that weight in the future. It’s refreshing to be so excited about Halo again. [Recomendado]

As seen above, the game has been approved by the specialized media and is fully recommendable by the overwhelming majority, its current score on Metacritc is 87.