These were the 5 most read content on Generation Xbox during 2021

The year is closing in and as we always do, we want to review the content that has been awarded the most by Xbox Generation readers. As on other occasions, we make a Top 5 of the most read entries on the web this year. While it is true that there is still a little left to close it, it would be rare for this ranking to change much.

To make the list more realistic we have removed rumors, offers and free content so that only news remains.

The most read content of 2022 on Generation Xbox

The order of the contents is from highest to lowest, so what you will read next is just that. We will do a brief review of the news and I will put the link so that you can throw nostalgia and read it in full.

Banned 8,000 years of Forza Horizon 5 for using Kim Jong-un vinyls

The creation of vinyls is an important part, as are the names that are used within the game that are monitored by the Forza Horizon team so that the rules are not broken. A user was banned from the game’s servers in November for dressing his car with vinyls dedicated to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

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Microsoft registers the Xbox Series XS trademark

With Xbox Series X and Series S on the market, the American company surprised us at the beginning of January with the registration of a sub-brand that joined both letters of each “XS” model. It was long rumored that it could be a more modest model or simply a way to protect the name of the range “Series”.

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So you can play Super Mario 64 on Xbox, for free and without installing anything

Thanks to the Microsoft Edge web browser on Xbox, you can play some classic games without installing anything on the console or going through tedious processes. In this case, back in August of this year, Froggi encapsulated an emulator of the Super Mario 64 game, an idea that was well received by the community.

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GTA 5 free drew millions of players to the Epic Games Store

From Epic Games they were able to sing their teeth with the promo in which they gave Grand Thef Auto V in their store for PC. The company announced in August that 7 million players connected to its servers to download and play the game.

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Rest in Peace, Anthem

Electronic Arts and BioWare finally decided in February 2022 that Anthem’s journey was over. My partner Pedro was reviewing the tortuous process of releasing the game, its poor reception and what could have been and never came to be.

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Thank you all for joining us this year, there are still a couple of weeks to complete it, but it has been very exciting to keep you informed and understand your preferences to improve the content. We hope that 2022 will be even better.

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