Third (and last?) Part of the series “To the Moon” will be released at the end of September

Impostor Factory has a release date: According to, the story-telling adventure by Freebird Games will be released on September 30th for PC via Steam. This is the third part of the so-called “To-the-Moon series”, which will probably mark the end of it. In the past, Freebird Games is said to have already told fans, according to Eurogamer, that an era will come to an end with Impostor Factory – both in terms of the series and the developer.

The plot revolves around a man named Quincy who accepts an invitation to a secluded mansion. There he finds a time machine in the bathroom that is supposed to be useful in solving a criminal case – or wreaking havoc? The developers themselves describe the work as a “crazy tragicomedy crime mystery thriller in a time warp with several victims and a suspicious cat”. Sounds interesting … You shouldn’t need previous knowledge from the two previous titles To the Moon and Finding Paradise, by the way.

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