This is the awesome concept of a new Xbox Game Pass interface

Xbox Game Pass is, without a doubt, one of the best services that currently exist in the video game industry. Every month, the people of Microsoft update their catalog, presenting new titles that come to replace the ones that leave the service, as happened this week with titles of the importance of Rainbow Six Extraction or Hitman Trilogy.

In addition, the service has the possibility to be enjoyed not only on Xbox consoles, but also on PC and through mobile phones with xCloud. However, despite this versatility, some users are asking for a certain renovation in service appearance, and a user has already created a concept of what a n would be likeova interface do Xbox Game Pass.

The user who shared this concept for a new Xbox Game Pass interface was the well-known Goggles, who has shared information on Xbox Studios on multiple occasions. As we can see, the user design has a more visual finish than what we see today.

Specifically, in the second shared tweet, we can see how would the animations of this new interface work. Firstly, the games would be divided by companies, offering greater accessibility than currently exists. In addition, it would also have a more visual finish, as we have seen depending on the category the user moves through.

While the service currently works fine, the truth is that a new Xbox Game Pass interface like this would be great for the service. What do you think? We read you in the comments.