This is what you can expect in 2022

As the year 2021 slowly but surely draws to a close, all fans of the build-up game Anno 1800 (from 21,99 at good news: there will be more content next year. The developers at Ubisoft Mainz announced this as part of a recent live stream.

Accordingly, the starting signal for the now fourth Season Pass should be given at a not yet known point in time next year. It should offer a total of three additional DLCs with numerous new content and features. The team does not want to reveal specific details before March 2022, but there are at least first hints. In Season 4, for example, the focus should be on expanding the New World, while previously the focus was on the Old World. Furthermore, with each of the new DLCs, at least one additional scenario should appear, which should present you with some challenges. However, Ubisoft Mainz also saved more detailed information in this regard.

In addition, the developers want to stick to the tradition of always releasing a free update for all players as part of a new DLC. These are mainly optimizations and bug fixes on the program. Ubisoft Mainz has also left open what the new Season Pass for Anno 1800 will cost. One can assume, however, that it will be in a similar price segment as the previous Passes, which cost just under 25 euros each.

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