This may be the first image of the new Xbox exclusive game

Just a few days ago, a massive data leak surfaced by Nvidia, one of the biggest graphics processing unit development companies on the planet, where what could be some new Xbox exclusives and other big ones were leaked.

Among some of the games whose existence has been recorded, one of those that could be a new Xbox exclusive, with the name of Project Indus. Well, apparently the first image of the new Xbox exclusive could have appeared.

The image comes from the page of, a studio that developed titles such as Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation or Star Warkm, among others. Although there is no confirmation that this image corresponds to the supposed Project Indus, well-known user Klobrille gave his opinion about it.

The user wonders if it’s possible that this is the first image of the new Xbox exclusive. This question is mainly due to the fact that the folks at Oxide Games are “working on a new AAA IP with a publisher”, something that after the Nvidia leak seems to give more whole numbers to the Xbox.

There are also speculations that it may be the game from inXile as it all leads to an RPG title in the Steam Punk style, including one of the developers has a page on Pinterest attached with images in this sense.

For now, this is all just speculation, but we’ll keep you posted on possible future updates on new Xbox exclusives.