This year the trade fair will definitely have no visitors, the digital version is uncertain

After the pandemic has ensured a purely digital E3 in Los Angeles for the past two years, there will be no game fair with visitors on site in 2022 either. The organizer Entertainment Softwared Association (ESA) has confirmed this in a statement to IGN. Once again, health concerns for exhibitors and visitors are the main reason for the cancellation of E3 2022 in Los Angeles. The organizers want to talk about the future of the event shortly. It is conceivable that the E3 will again take place in digital form. However, since a possible date has not even been announced and rumors about a change in the concept were already circulating a few years ago, even the digital version does not seem secure.

How difficult trade fairs are currently having with exhibitors can be seen at CES 2022, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas. Just a few days before the event, numerous participants jumped out at short notice with a view to the Omikron variant of the pandemic. ESA is also likely to have been looking for exhibitors for E3 2022. After all: In the summer there will be the Summer Game Fest by Game Awards host Geoff Keighley again. Here, among other things, players can look forward to an opening show with many announcements.