Three new games are confirmed to be released on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft normally makes two announcements a month to reveal what are the next games on the Xbox Game Pass, but the developers themselves sometimes anticipate and already confirm that they will launch their games directly on the “Netflix games” service. Well, this situation occurred here and we have three titles on the horizon.

As we can see on the website, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator will arrive this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. Without a doubt, an ideal occasion to test this crazy idea of ​​the studio that will allow us to exchange organs and viscera, negotiate with them and get rich in an alien capitalist system.

The game Unsighted from ID@Xbox will hit the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for release on September 30, 2021. For all the curious, there’s a list of all the hits here.

After a long and hard war against humans, the few remaining droids in Arcadia run out of energy that gives all robots their consciousness. As Android Alma, it’s up to you to save your friends and restore their memories of long-forgotten events.

Check out about five minutes of the Unsighted Game Overview here:

We have another Xbox Game Pass ad to share called Bassmaster Fishing 2022, which will arrive on the first day of service in just a few weeks on October 28th.

The “official BASS game”, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 features massive multiplayer lobbies, crossover play, Bassmaster Royale, a fully licensed career mode and much more, including 10 Elite Series anglers and 8 real locations.

So that’s it, when we find out more games coming to service we’ll let you know here on Windows Club, so accompany us to always stay inside.