Townscaper made it to Xbox Game Pass offering 1000G in 10 minutes

It wasn’t announced on Xbox Game Pass games in December, but Townscaper arrived this week in the surprise service. The particularity of the game, in addition to being very relaxing and pleasant, is that it allows you to unlock achievements very easily.

Townscaper is a game developed by Bad North and published by Raw Fury. In reality, we might prefer to talk about a tool rather than a game, as there is no story or imposed path to follow.

Townscaper is an experimental project for enthusiasts. More of a toy than a video game. Choose colors from the palette, destroy blocks of colored houses on the jagged grid, and watch Townscaper’s underlying algorithm automatically transform these blocks into lush little houses, arches, stairs, bridges, and yards according to your configuration.

The particularity of the game is also that it allows you to quickly unlock achievements, and we know there are hunters among you!

how to get 1000G success in 10 minutes? Everything is explained in the video below! Some players took longer to unlock the “Propelled” achievement, but the trick is to move around the map to find a circle. Follow the steps and 10 or 15 minutes maximum will be enough to unlock all game achievements.