Two free Xbox Live Gold games for January are now available – and there’s a great classic too

2022 has just entered two weeks and with it Xbox is back, which has made available the new free Games With Gold games. At the beginning of January, the first two games had already been proposed, available for download completely free of charge for all owners of Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

In the current month, Microsoft had already announced that free vintage titles would be released and among these were already available Radiant Silvergun and NeuroVoider, respectively a classic shoot’em up and a futuristic RPG shooter.

From now on, it is possible to download for free, without additional cost, the other two games available for the second half of January for Games With Gold.

the first is Aground, an Xbox One game, as far as the second is concerned, is Space Invaders Infinity Gene, an Xbox 360 title. The latter obviously being an Xbox 360 title can be played on the new generation thanks to backwards compatibility.

Aground is a mining and crafting RPG where there is a goal to be achieved to provide a reason to keep building. As the game progresses, the character will upgrade, find new NPCs, unlock new technologies and even magic.

Space Invaders, on the other hand, is the historic title that has influenced the industry for generations, the quintessential arcade game that this time, however, is presented in a new guise. The beginning of the game is presented in a classic way, but as you progress the experience changes and evolves. New levels are slowly unlocked, which in total are 143.

Below you will find the links to the official pages to download both titles, obviously as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription:

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