Two more Xbox 360 games are found on the Microsoft Store and may be backwards compatible.

The Xbox audience has certainly been waiting for a new batch of retro-compatible games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 for some time now, and recent rumors have suggested it may finally be getting some in November. Now that the backwards compatibility team is “free” after the release of the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Earlier this month, True Achievements published a list of original Xbox titles that were unexpectedly added to the new Xbox Store, including Dead or Alive 3, Gunvalkyrie and even Chicken Little (!):

“Looking back through our store data, we saw seven original Xbox games added to the new Microsoft Store from the former Xbox 360 store in September, all with a strange release date in 30th of November.

These titles include one of the most well-received first Xbox titles, Dead or Alive 3 (which would perfectly match Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebrations if added to the program), Dead or Alive Ultimate, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Gladius, Gunvalkyrie, Advent Rising and, oddly, Chicken Little. Since then, everyone has been removed from the store. “

In addition to this batch, several fans recently pointed out some more Xbox 360 games that have come out. In fact, they were first discovered by Twitter user and Microsoft Store leaker WalkingCat:

As mentioned earlier on a few occasions, there is every chance that these additions are for testing purposes only, but it certainly looks like there is some sort of activity going on with the backwards compatibility program.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as Microsoft is hosting a 20th anniversary special event on November 15th, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a new batch of backward compatible games were announced there.

Fingers crossed!