Two new expansions are planned and patches with new content have been published

After the release of the Valheim expansion “Hearth and Home” on September 16, 2021, the developers at Iron Gate Studios are already concentrating on the next content. In a blog update on Steam, the developers informed their fans about the development and at the same time announced a small patch that brings new content with it. The content patch 0.205.5, published on November 25, 2021, adds further enemy types to the swamp region as well as new materials from which brave adventurers can create new items. Probably this is the new armor set mentioned in the patch.

The Viking survival adventure is set to continue with the “Mistlands” expansion. In the blog post the info is: “The landscape is slowly taking shape and the fog itself has begun to clear, but what is hidden there is still unknown …” The developers are still hiding what players can expect in “Mistlands” and are keeping a low profile. At an official Q&A event on Reddit, when asked when “Mistlands” was going to be out, the answer was as follows: “I know you are all very excited about Mistlands, and so are we”writes the developer. “But we’re still too early in development to be able to say for sure when the area will be released. Unfortunately, it won’t be 2021.”

In addition, there was a small preview of another area that is also in the works. This expansion does not yet have a title and will add caves to the mountain area in the game, which, according to the developers, will apparently have wolf-like inhabitants.

The Norse mythology-inspired survival adventure Valheim has been available for PC since February 2, 2021, but is still in Early Access. You can find our test of this early version here.

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