Two new free dynamic themes available for Xbox Series X and S

Dynamic themes are something I think Microsoft should promote, in the past there were some on the Xbox 360 and many even left money on more than one of them. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if the variety were more decent. The problem is that, although it is “progressing well”, there is still a great lack in this regard.

I understand it’s not the main focus of the division right now, and they’re looking for better things, but well, it’s always nice to be rewarded with new players every now and then. In fact, it seems that lately Microsoft is starting to attach more importance to dynamic wallpapers and more content of this type is appearing now.

The fact is, now you can get two new themes for free. The first one is about Halo Infinite, well … let’s see some photos of the Master Chief through the interface and little more. the second is from Wasteland 3, which shows how the screen gradually warms up.

Again, both are available now. To find them you will need to go to Settings > Personalization > My Background > Dynamic Backgrounds and they should be located at the end of the line. This latest update follows the addition of an Xbox 360-inspired dynamic theme last month.