Ubisoft: Rumors of the next Far Cry offshoot

The launch of Far Cry 6 was only a few weeks ago, but the rumor mill about a successor is already starting to simmer. The trigger for this is a tweet by the gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who has proven to be a reliable source on several occasions in the past.

In the tweet he reiterated the longtime creative director Dan Hay, who was responsible for the Far Cry brand for some time and who recently left Ubisoft. According to Jeff Grubb, Hay oversaw the initial work on Far Cry 7, which is said to be a live service game. This would follow a similar approach as Assassin’s Creed Infinity, which is also not a self-contained game, but rather a long-term project with individual episodes. In addition, various online elements are arguably also of great importance.

Dan Hay was overseeing the next Far Cry, which is intended as a Far Cry live-service project similar to Assassin’s Creed Infinity. https://t.co/0x46iDRqnJ

— Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) November 11, 2021

So far, however, nothing more is known about Assassin’s Creed Infinity or Far Cry 7. Should the latter actually follow the live service approach, it would be a clear departure from the previous design of the shooter series. However, the whole thing should be treated with a certain degree of caution, as official confirmation from Ubisoft is pending.