Update 5 published in the test area (experimental)

Update 5 from Satisfactory has been released in the experimental area on Steam and in the Epic Games Store, i.e. in the test area of ​​the Early Access version. The public test run of the update can take several weeks. The developers estimate about a month.

Update 5 does not include any new production buildings, production plans or research stages. Rather, existing game elements are revised and improved. Apart from the fact that the developers improve the general building possibilities and several parts of the world (Northern Forest, Dune Desert, Caves), there will be many new cosmetic factory components with which more beautiful factories can be built. This includes new walls, windows, beams, sidewalks and a number of new roofs. Certain parts of buildings can also overlap – depending on the type of building.

The automated transport vehicles are also being revised and should now be able to cope better with obstacles in the way and with fuel. In addition, signals can be used to control the train network more effectively so that several trains can run better coordinated on a route. Trains can also collide and lose their load in the process.

Also new are adaptable signs and the customizer as a central option for optically individualizing the factory (material and color). Last but not least, the first and still quite experimental version of dedicated servers has been published (instructions). You can find the change log here.