Update “Neighborhood Stories” adds new interactions to the base game

The developers of The Sims 4 (from 4,80€ at buy) have come up with a new way of giving players even more opportunities to influence the lives of Sims. So it was, for example, very cumbersome to exert influence on the neighbors. If you wanted to have complete control over their lives, you had to bring them into the actively played household. Now Maxis has made it possible for the lives of the neighbors to be influenced without having to live with them directly.

In the new update “Neighborhood Stories” it will be possible to bring about life changes in Sims. The aim is to give the neighborhood Sims who do not live in the active household more liveliness. This will have an impact on Sims who are connected to the household being actively played. These are, for example, colleagues, friends from the gym or a Sim who was welcomed into the neighborhood with a fruit cake. The Grim Reaper has so far been excluded from this.
The neighborhood story update includes life changes that Player Sims can encourage their Neighborhood Sims to make, and those that Neighborhood Sims consider independently. For some changes, both also apply.

Here are the changes possible with the Neighborhood Stories first published. The whole project is so extensive that several publications will take place.

  • Independent life changes or life changes actively influenced by a Sim:
    – Change careers.
    – Having a baby with your partner if the two are in a relationship that allows a Sim to become pregnant.
    – Hanging out with other Sims to build and develop friendly relationships.
  • Life changes that can only be brought about independently:
    – Trying to get promoted in current career.
    – Accept a marriage proposal if you are already engaged to another Sim. Neighborhood Sims will not be married on their own for the time being.
  • Life Changes Affected by the Active Sim:
    – Talking badly about the other at one Sim, which significantly worsens the relationship between the two neighborhood Sims.
    – Getting two adults or two teenagers into a romantic relationship.
    – Trying to convince a Sim in a relationship to break up / divorce.
    – Convince an unemployed neighborhood Sim to get a job.

However, the Sims will not become completely independent. For those who want to keep control of all events, the developers have also built a loophole: Before the Sims make a final decision, they call the Sims you are actively playing and ask for advice. During the phone call, players can decide with a “yes” or “no” answer whether the Sim should put their plans into practice. But you can also let them decide.

The update also brings two new aspirations for your Sims: Trustful Neighbor and Mean Heartbreaker.
The Neighborhood Stories will be integrated with the base game update, which will be released on November 30, 2021. You can find more details about the update on the official website for The Sims 4.

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