Update to v1.0.0. Postponed to next year, Premium Player Pack has been canceled

Konami’s former noble kick is not under a good star this year, the bad news about eFootball 2022 is not going away. As the publisher has now announced, the update to version 1.0.0., Which was originally planned for November 11, 2021, will be postponed until next year. More precisely, the “full version” will not be available until spring 2022. At the same time, the Premium Player Pack will be deleted for the time being, as it contains items that are mandatory for version 1.0.0. need. Players who have already ordered and paid for this package will automatically receive their money back. After the pre-order cancellation has been properly processed, affected players (with the exception of the Steam version) have to uninstall the game and download it again from the respective store – this should not affect the progress saved on the server.

It is said that they worked conscientiously on the update that eFootball would have added new content including a fresh game mode in 2022. However, it was found that more time was needed to deliver the product in a quality that met the expectations of the users, so that the decision was made to postpone it.

Instead, starting today, the various platforms will be updated with the v.0.9.1. supply that should fix numerous bugs. Details on further updates and the release of the mobile version, which should also have been released on November 11th, but how version 1.0 was postponed, will be announced at a later date.

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