Urban planning with cubes and roguelike elements appears today for PC and Switch

Urban building and the struggle for survival can also be played digitally with cubes: developer DESTINYbit and publisher Ravenscourt are today releasing their “Survival City Builder” Dice Legacy (from 17,99 at buy), which has already won the Originalitts Award “Most Original Game” at gamescom 2021. The title is now available as a download for the Nintendo Switch; at 6 p.m. the PC version will follow via Steam.

“The innovative mix of survival city builder, roguelike and board game takes a look into the future of the digital tabletop game. Players have to build and expand their newly founded settlement and master various challenges in order to survive in the mysterious and unexplored ring world They have only just arrived. But any obstacle can be overcome with a good throw of the dice. What will fate hold in store? Perhaps a way can be found to equalize or even let the dice decide in their own favor. “

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