Urgent! Do not open Titanfall 2 and it may be recommended that you even delete it, the game would be compromised

A few days ago, it was reported that the Apex Legends servers were hacked as a warning that Respawn had left the two Tintanfall servers free and unprotected. And just a few days later, the threat was fulfilled. As we can read, Titanfall 2 suffered an attack that leaves those who access it totally vulnerable.

This attack, unlike the previous ones or that we’ve seen in other games, has the particularity of putting players’ data at risk and may cause damage to our consoles or PC, as well as install various Malware. So, even on Xbox and Playstation the procedures reported here are recommended.

Therefore, until the company finds a solution, we recommend that you do not access the game at all. Plus, you can uninstall it from your computers to minimize risk. All information was shared by Titanfall Forever’s Twitter account, which specializes in the Respawn saga, which also advises us to follow these steps.

The attack appears to be the work of the Stryders admin panel, known for breaking game servers like TF2 or Apex itself. With all that, and knowing that Titanfall 2 is still a widely played title, we recommend that you keep the riefles for a few hours until everything returns to your jurisdiction.