USK version censored in Germany for the time being and only available digitally, official statement from Techland

Techland just announced earlier this month that Dying Light 2: Stay Human (from 59,99€ at pre-order) had reached the so-called “gold status” and thus nothing would stand in the way of publication on February 4, 2022. Now, however, there is some bad news for players in Germany: After reports were circulated based on newsletters from numerous mail-order companies (including Gamesonly, this newsletter is also available to us), in which it is said that the title in this country is only cut and only available digitally we asked Techland for a comment.

It came promptly and is unfortunately not positive:
“Techland has announced a special version of the open-world action role-playing game Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which will only be released in digital form for the German market. Despite numerous attempts and exhausting all legal means available to the company, the uncut Version does not have the necessary USK rating to be published in Germany The USK rated the version specially adapted for the German market with a USK 18.

The German-language uncut physical version of the game will be available in Austria and Switzerland from all major retailers.

What are the differences between the international and the adapted German version?
In the German version, the decapitation and dismemberment of human opponents is deactivated and the players cannot kill neutral, non-playable characters (NPCs).

The story, the game progress and the basic mechanics are not affected in any way. Techland will submit additional versions of the game to the USK in the hopes that they will pass the exam. Since the goal is to offer the game to German players as the developers envisioned it, Techland will try to keep the German version as close as possible to the international version.

At the time of publication, German players will only be able to play in co-op mode within their region. Techland is working hard to ensure that they will be able to play with players from other regions soon after its release. “
The predecessor was denied a classification by the USK and the title was finally indexed on List A. This means that a youth risk is seen, but is not criminally relevant. The result: The title may not be advertised and not made publicly available, but it is still available for sale with appropriate proof of age. With the adjustments, Techland obviously wants to prevent this for Dying Light 2.

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