Valve introduces dynamic cloud sync

In the future, the Valve team wants to make it even easier for Steam deck owners to seamlessly use their games on PC and the new handheld. With dynamic cloud synchronization, the makers have now presented a function that is intended to simplify exactly that. Accordingly, the Steam Deck automatically uploads all game files to the cloud when the device goes into sleep mode. The respective title can then be continued on the PC if required. Turning the handheld back on will also download the updated game file to the Steam deck.

Valve will offer Dynamic Cloud Sync for free. However, it is necessary for the developers to activate this feature for their games as well. If they don’t, the classic cloud feature is still available. Here the game must be closed on the Steam Deck for the data to be uploaded to the cloud. Those who pre-order will receive their handheld in February 2022. Originally, the Steam Deck was supposed to be delivered in December 2021.

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