Valve is confident that the February deadline can be kept

It has been clear since last month that the release of the handheld PC Steam Deck will unfortunately be postponed to next year (we reported). Accordingly, the first pre-orderers will no longer receive their copy as planned in December of this year, but only in February 2022. Since the international supply situation on the technology market has not improved noticeably, some fans are wondering whether it will stay with the targeted February release at all . The reassuring answer now comes straight from Valve.

In an interview with PC Gamer magazine, the responsible designer Greg Coomer commented on this topic and tried to allay the fans’ worries – at least to some extent: “We think everything is going according to plan in this regard. We continue to be disappointed that we had to postpone the end of this year to the beginning of next year. But yes, all signs indicate that we will be able to to be delivered in February. “

Greg Coomer did not provide any specific information on the number of units for the February launch. However, during the interview he let it be known several times that the start of sales will by no means take place with an extremely small amount. The plan is to deliver several million copies of the Steam Deck to customers by the end of 2023.

Further information on the Steam Deck such as an overview of the configurations etc. can be found here.