Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: Almost stopped; new team with a “convincing” idea on the ball

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 wasn’t one of the games that was dropped in Paradox Interactive’s recent portfolio reorganization (as we reported), but it was on the brink. In an interview with Nyhetsbyran Direkt (via Avanza, Resetera and Reddit), CEO Fredrik Wester revealed that they almost completely discarded the project after taking it over from the previous developers (Hardsuit Labs) in early 2021.

Wester: “When we took over the game from the original developers, we thought for a long time whether we should quit it or continue it. Then we were actually ready to stop production completely. But we got a ‘pitch’ that we thought was convincing held enough to continue – and we have very high hopes that it will be a good game that lives up to player expectations. ”

Wester did not reveal which team is currently working on the RPG, but said it would be a “very respectable and talented development team” that has already released several games. In addition, the Paradox boss assured that a large part of the components developed by Hardsuit Labs will be used in some form by the new team. So the development was not completely restarted. Still, he’d like to wait and see how the game ultimately turns out before they continue investing in the genre.

Wester: “I would love to see Bloodlines do it before we put the next big bucket in the genre. There is a huge demand for good RPG games so I definitely don’t want to close any doors. But I would love to see what happens, what we can do and how bloodlines is recorded. (…) I also think that we should give more thought to which active partners should work with our World of Darkness IPs. We have to ask ourselves, how we should further develop the brand and the universe, whether we should perhaps co-finance it, how we work with licenses and so on “.

When asked whether Bloodlines 2 could be ready to go until 2023 at the earliest, the boss of Paradox merely replied that it would be a while before the game was released.

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