Video replenishment for Guilty Gear Strive and DNF Duel, rollback netcode for two titles in the BlazBlue series

Fans of the fighting games from ArcSystem Works have not been able to complain recently about the replenishment of information or moving images about the titles of their favorite fighting game forge. For example, the new DLC character Happy Chaos was recently launched for Guilty Gear Strive, and DNF Duel also received some new character trailers.

ArcSystem Works has now released another teaser trailer for the fourth DLC character from Guilty Gear Strive. The new character is none other than the hugely popular Samurai Baiken, who fans have been wanting as a playable character since the title was released. Baiken is slated to be released in late January 2022. When the title was released, the full DLC roster of the fighting game was presented in two separate leaks. With the announcement of Baiken, it has now become a lot more likely that the fifth DLC character will become the Vampire Slayer. In the trailer itself, however, Baiken also mentions the character Delilah, Bedman’s younger sister. With the last DLC character of the first season of the game, a new story chapter is also to be published, which could be extremely interesting with characters like Delilah.

It also released character trailers for Striker and Ranger for DNF Duel, a title currently under development. As the name suggests, Striker has a number of punches and kicks that lead to extremely nice combos. Ranger, on the other hand, relies on his two pistols to stir up his opponents.

In addition, the two older games BlazBlue: Central Fiction and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will receive so-called “Rollback Netcode” in 2022 in order to address latency problems.