Vital acquisitions to enhance Xbox’s presence on PC

Everyone is thinking about the disputes between consoles after the purchase of Activision and Bethesda (Zenimax) by Microsoft. Part of the public debate is about whether certain franchises will be exclusive or not, some believe that the Americans will give in and some legendary games will end up coming to Playstation and others the opposite.

It is normal and understandable that this is what is being watched the most right now. At the end of the day, it is what most directly affects users, whether or not a certain game will remain on their console. However, there are two unseen silent gains that may be part of what prompted those in Redmond to make these purchases. I’m not saying that they are the main reason, but they certainly had weight in the negotiations with shareholders and company leaders.

The Xbox store on PC is the biggest beneficiary

The Xbox Store on PC is clearly lacking in content. There are games that are on Xbox One and Xbox Series but not in the Windows Store. There it is difficult to compete with Steam. Epic Games is going on another roll by giving away free games every week, and that’s a bottomless pit that Spencer and his team don’t want to consider. To more games, more purchases and more user retention. It is something that Valve has done very well in creating its ecosystem.

The lack of a place that engages the PC gamer is a gaping hole in the company’s gaming strategy. Satya Nadella quickly understood that the game business was a part of reaching that audience that Microsoft eluded, and with the vision of Phil Spencer and the movement towards subscriptions, he had a crystal clear glimpse of it. So they opened the doors of Windows to gaming and Xbox is an inherent part of the operating system.

On their way to break into the PC they still need to breathe life into the store. And it makes sense to do so by buying studios and franchises that weren’t available. The purchase of Bethesda brought with it a good handful of PC games for the Windows Store, such as The Evil Within for example. World of Warcraft is expected to hit the Windows Store and that’s a boon to Team Xbox on this platform. And for the Xbox player, who will be able to play it with achievements and the benefits of the ecosystem.

This is a benefit not only for the PC player, but also for the console player. Microsoft cares that you play and spend on their games from anywhere, and that’s why Play Anywhere exists. Sometimes I find that some games that I have on my console I can not continue on PC, and that sucks. With this, the company ensures a larger list and that more use is made of its store.

In addition, as a result of these acquisitions and reinforcement of its offer, more developers will want to put their games there and it will end up retaining players who today do not see its launcher as an alternative. The PC player is not like the console player, he cares less about prostitution (in a good way) and jumping from one place to another; It would be hard for me to leave Xbox because I have a life there.

Improving the Xbox Game Pass offer

And of course the absolute winner is Xbox Game Pass. Perhaps the only negative option that a user can see in the service is that some games come out. With this you ensure a good handful of games that will not leave the subscription since Xbox Game Studios’ own games stay forever. They also make sure to inject very powerful new games into the offer, such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Crash… and many more. These are going to stay forever.

With the current catalog of Xbox Game Studios, it already seems to me that Game Pass is a brutal offer, but adding classic franchises from Activision and Bethesda, the association with EA Play and the games that its 32 studios can produce… they could soon not depend on third-party games for the monthly payment, although that is something that I do not think will happen because both parties win.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that if Microsoft hadn’t bought Bethesda or Activision, Google or Amazon could have done so and with it, have scored a great goal for Windows in the form of a Trojan horse.