Waiting for Persona 5 on Xbox

Beyond rumors and half truths, the reality is that Xbox still has not received its share of the Persona saga. In recent days it seemed that his announcement could be close after the good relationship of Xbox and Sega, but it seems that in this marriage there is Atlus, which still does not take the step to launch, for example, the great Persona 5.

For those who do not know the Persona saga and Persona 5 in particular, it is fair to say that we are in front of one of the best sagas of the JRPG genre in history. With each new game they have continued to surpass the previous one and it is fair to say that Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs that we can find in the market and one of those games that would make the Xbox catalog in this genre continue to grow little by little.

Persona 5 for Xbox

At the moment we insist that everything has been rumors and even montages that made believe that Persona 5 would come to Xbox, but the truth today is that neither Atlus nor Sega give clues about whether there is a real possibility. At this point, hopes are low, but the same was also believed with the Yakuza saga and right now Xbox is another perfect home where more players can enjoy it.

Thanks to the great support we have received for Persona 5, we are totally satisfied, but we cannot stop there. When we made Persona 4 we were under pressure to do better than Persona 3. Now we have to create a Persona 6 that surpasses 5, but with the current squad it will be difficult to achieve that. I want to overcome this great challenge with everyone who will join us. Our work environment is perfect for those who want to creatively challenge themselves when it comes to bringing new games to the world.

The Persona saga celebrates its 25th anniversary and how can it be otherwise it will do with ads. These announcements seem almost to confirm the development of Persona 6, but it is important for the Xbox user to start slowly and with good lyrics, so I think it would be appropriate to start with Persona 5 on Xbox and see the reception that the game has on the Microsoft platform .

At the moment we cannot do more than continue to wait patiently for Microsoft & Sega & Atlus to reach an agreement, as long as there is interest on the part of everyone that this happens and finally they bet on offering Xbox players the possibility of playing a game as round as Persona 5.