WarioWare: Get It Together! – Test, Musik & Party, Nintendo Switch

Old ass

In 1992, in ancient Game Boy times, a charismatic villain with a jagged mustache and bulbous nose entered the gaming stage – Wario. Two years after the Boss premiere in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, he was converted into a game character (1994: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3). But it wasn’t until 2003 that he found his true destiny, again on a handheld: microgame master! Since WarioWare, Inc .: Minigame Mania (GBA), the weird Zampano and nose piercing fan has been inviting his audience to pretty, ugly, chaotic and, above all, ultra-short mini-game rounds. My personal highlight of the WarioWare series was the creative Wii episode Smooth Moves, but there were always fun episodes on DS (i) and 3DS, sometimes with a do-it-yourself focus, sometimes with a best-of character.

In story mode, you select the microgame seasons on an overworld – after just under three hours, the credits appear.

For WarioWare: Get It Together! The developer cooperation between Nintendo and Intelligent Systems is reflecting on a classic microgame concept with the tried and tested combination of simplicity, stress and quirkiness. Grotesque graphic combinations of cartoon look, photos, 3D graphics and various art styles give each other the handle, menus and HUD constantly scream at the players – meanwhile, countless miniature tasks need to be solved, often with just one controller command, a jagged reaction . Wash hands, rock the child, turn the windmill, make out fish, catch an alien, fly through rings, cover a nakedness, let a dog drink, peel bananas, scare away snakes, unpack matryoshkas, play a reef, lick ice cream, push dominos around Extinguish the fire. 222 such senseless microgames are on board, a few of which even quote Nintendo hits such as Super Metroid, Game & Watch or Breath of the Wild.

Dirty Dozen (x 1.5)

Bowser defeat in a duo - depending on the game mode, you can compete in two windows in parallel.  Here you can see a discipline with a Nintendo retro touch.

Bowser defeat in a duo – depending on the game mode, you can compete in two windows in parallel. Here you can see a discipline with a Nintendo retro touch.

In the end, 18 characters will romp in the character ranks, including of course the namesake himself and funny returnees like Dribble & Spitze, Jimmy, Orbulon or Dr. Crygor. And they all steer themselves differently: One hops and rams, the next beams and explodes. Still others shoot with bazookas, use a boomerang or find it very difficult to move around. But all of them have to be compatible with all microgames, the selection is made at random. This means for the process: Depending on the character, the solution can be different – with one character you may have to hop on somewhere, with the other you have to fire an aimed shot. For you this means: You no longer just have to grasp the current task at lightning speed and try to solve it, but also consider which figure you currently have. Although the maneuvers of all figures are only triggered by pressing a button, an additional level of rapid brain twisting is necessary. Perhaps this aspect makes a fun boost for you (I didn’t feel that way), but in any case you have been warned.