Wasteland 3 surpassed 2 million players

Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 was a success, at least according to developer inXile Entertainment’s official Twitter account, which talked about 2 million players in a recent update. Those are pretty impressive numbers for an old-school hardcore RPG.

“Wasteland 3 still makes big numbers! 2 million of you joined the Rangers in Colorado and it’s really gratifying for us to be able to share our stories and ideas with so many people. Thanks. “

The message follows that of Brian Fargo, head of inXile, who had talked about the number of contemporary players from the last period, who increased a lot in relation to previous months.

In short, inXile can look to the future with optimism. Players’ interest will likely allow him to make his new project in development more ambitious, apparently another steampunk-style hardcore RPG, but with a different setting than Wasteland.