Webbed: Sticky rescue mission on eight legs

On September 9th, 2021 the Australian developers Sbug Games released their animal 2D platformer Webbed for PC. The download via Steam, GOG and Humble Store costs 8.19 euros each. The previous user reviews on Valve’s download portal are “very positive” (97 percent of the over 400 reviews are currently positive). In the game description it says: “Swing through the trees, spin sticky webs, and make friends with crawling animals! Be the cute little spider you’ve always wanted to be.

In the story of Ab ins Netz, a little spider goes on an adventure to save her friend from a nasty big bowerbird. Explore the dangerous wilderness with nothing but your webs and your wits. Skilfully swing your way through the world! Leave a very personal trace in this world with your networks. Stretch it between all sorts of things and make your way. Make friends with crawfish and dance with them. Some need a helping hand and may even join you in return. “

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