What does update 2.4 bring?

Blizzard Entertainment has announced what the major update 2.4 for Diablo 2 Resurrected will include. However, it is not yet clear when exactly the update will appear. It should first land on the PTR server towards the beginning of next year in order to face the first critical views of the fans. Only when this test phase has been successfully completed will the release take place on the live servers.

The introduction of the ranking lists should be one of the biggest highlights of Update 2.4. As with the original action role-playing game, there will be four variants of this. In addition to the standard ranking, there will also be a separate ranking for the hardcore mode – and that also for the “Lord of Destruction” expansion. In addition, Blizzard Entertainment is making some changes to the overall character class balancing. The developers want to improve the Amazon’s hand-to-hand combat, optimize the assassin’s martial arts skills and focus a little more on the barbarian throwing variant. All classes should be examined again and adjusted if necessary.

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment is planning some changes to the mercenaries and the addition of new rune words to provide a little more variety in this area. Additional recipes for the Horadrim cube are also on the to-do list. Concrete patch notes, however, will probably only be available shortly before the final release of Update 2.4.