What is the best Fable of the saga?

With the development of the new game in the series, we have to look back and try to assess which was the best game in the Fable series for Xbox consoles. Fable had three games that completed the original trilogy, but there were more alternative games to it, such as the one released for the Kinect, which were not as successful as the conventional games.

Focusing on the trilogy and assessing that the three games are available on Xbox 360 (the first in an Anniversary edition) we wanted to take a look back and try to objectively assess which one deserves the award of being the best game in the series created for the extinct, Lionhead.

Best game in the Fable series

Obvious to be able to value the three games as it deserves it is necessary to have played and completed them. This would be my case and after looking at each of the releases in the saga with perspective, I consider that Fable 2 was the perfect jump to the new generation of Xbox with Xbox 360 and the evolution of the saga from the first game. Fable 2 is the roundest installment of the three, all the games in the saga have something special, but while it is true that Fable 2 was a brutal evolution compared to the first, Fable 3 did not represent the same leap compared to Fable 2 and in some things were even lower or more simplified.

Although Fable 3 was not the best game in the series, it is true that it had very good sales and in general terms the game liked it, although not in the same way that I fell in love with Fable 2 or the genuine one, Fable. Putting the saga in context and seeing that the next game is also developed by a British studio such as Playground Games, it is really interesting to try to decipher where the game will lead the new studio and the complicated challenge that lies ahead to recover the soul of Fable now. turn to offer us a game fresh enough to woo those new to the saga and the most veteran.

  1. Fable 2
  2. Fable
  3. Fable 3

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