What new games do we hope to see at The Game Awards 2021? These are our bets

One more year we are approaching one of the moments marked in red on any gamer’s calendar: The Game Awards. Popularly known as the Oscars of video games, the gala has been growing in importance and popularity in recent years, especially because, beyond the awards, it has become the last stage of the year in which companies announce their titles .

A growing trend that has allowed us, for example, to see the first look of Xbox Series X and Hellblade II at the 2019 gala or The Initiative’s first project, Perfect Dark, on the show. Other great titles of recent years have been announced at the TGA, such as Devolver Digital’s Loop Hero in 2020, The Calisto Protocol, Back 4 Blood, Dragon Age 4 or Mass Effect 4 are just some examples of the games announced in recent years. .

Therefore, it is not surprising that when we approach each year’s gala a constant buzz of rumors begins about what we will see or what surprises await us. It is true that Microsoft takes the cake after two stellar appearances and the gossip about what we could see has already begun as we told you a few days ago in this house. However, their presence is usually always a mystery and nothing is revealed, surprising even Geoff Keighley himself as happened with Xbox Series X.

So in Generation Xbox we wonder what we could see on December 9, 2021, already 10 in Spain when the show begins at 2 in the morning.

Microsoft’s double presence: Hellblade and an ace up his sleeve

Perhaps it is a risky bet and aim very high, but it does not seem unreasonable to think of a double portion by Microsoft. Every day it seems clearer that Hellblade II will be on the show and it’s almost a safe bet. Not surprisingly, the sequel to the Ninja Theory game was presented at this very show in 2019 and since then we have hardly heard from it again. So what better time than to teach it again than where it all began?

In addition, we believe that Xbox will have another surprise in store for us in an unannounced game format. That is, we will not see anything new from the titles that have already been presented over the last few years. With one exception: Starfield and his first gameplay would be a real coup. However, we believe the option of an entirely new ad is firmer. Although the Gears 6 option is very tempting, we do not believe that it is the stage chosen by the company to show the new of The Coalittion. Nevertheless, Wolfenstein III if that would be our bet. These days ago we told you that new clues had appeared that MachineGames would be with two projects at the same time, so it would not be unreasonable to see it announced at the gala.

The another ace up his sleeve would be Avowed and Inxile’s new RPG. For the first if it is true that we could see it in more depth, even more after the last words of Jeff Grubb, who stated that Obsidian wondered why Microsoft told him to teach The Outer Worlds 2 instead of Avowed. For the second, it is Project Cobalt, that mysterious steampunk RPG that could be developed in Unreal Engine 5.

New Dragon Age 4 trailer

Our next bet also pulls a newspaper library. Dragon Age 4 was first announced at The Game Awards 2019, with a trailer in which little was seen about this new adventure. The following year, Bioware showed us a first preview of the game along with the first look at Mass Effect 4, although later it confirmed that its development would be after Dragon Age.

If we add to that that EA’s intention was or still is to launch Dragon Age 4 in 2022, it would not be unusual to see a new trailer for the game, with parts of gameplay, at the gala. There is no better scenario, without a doubt, and they would satisfy the legion of fans of the franchise who were left wanting to know more about the title at EA Play 21 this year.

The Last Night comes to life at The Game Awards

One of the great disappeared in recent years has been The Last Night. The title that surprised us at Microsoft’s E3 2018 disappeared without a trace in the months after its announcement and we were only certain that it was still in development. Now, two years later, the title would return through the front door.

The main reason is that the creator of the game published a trailer for the game that he deleted minutes later, right after Geoff Keighley’s tweet that was advancing a world premiere in which they had been working for the last two and a half years. Coincidence?

The new Bioshock will come true

One of the favorite and favorite sagas of many players was the one created by Ken Levine and 2K. Bioshock marked a before and after in the industry and since the launch of Inifinite in 2013, we have not had any new releases. On the other hand, we do know that there is a new installment on the way and we hope to see it at The Game Awards. It promises to be bigger than all the previous ones and take us to explore two unique cities, as we told you a few days ago.

The new of Ken Levine will also be in the TGA

And speaking of Bioshock and its creator, we hope to see the new Ken Levine on the show. We don’t know what he’s up to, but good old Ken always has an ace up his sleeve and some crazy idea to transfer to his games. That if, knowing their games, we can expect a narrative that explores sociological and philosophical issues.

These are our top bets on what we believe or hope to see at The Game Awards. Of course, it is nothing more than our opinion and hopes and there is nothing official, at least at the time of writing this article. What we do have for sure, confirmed by Geoff Keighley himself, is that more than half of the gala will be focused on announcements and new game reveals and that, in total, we will have more than 40 games. A not inconsiderable figure that allows us to clearly see the importance and relevance of the awards in recent years.