What secrets does the artwork from N7-Day hide?

Short flashback: Last November BioWare published a new poster or artwork for the next part of Mass Effect to coincide with N7 Day (we reported). Even then, the community puzzled and speculated about what could be seen there in detail. If General Manager Gary McKay has his way, you should take another particularly close look.

In the latest blog entry entitled “State of BioWare”, McKay talked about the next Mass Effect, among other things. He referred to the artwork mentioned at the beginning and made some nebulous hints: “If you’re hot for Mass Effect, I recommend checking out the poster we released for N7 Day. If you look closely, you will find some hidden candy. If I’m counting correctly, there are at least five surprises for one indicate great future in the Mass Effect universe. “

McKay did not go into detail later on in the blog, so it is not entirely clear what exactly he is referring to. The artwork shows a scene from a bird’s eye view – zoomed out extremely far. A group of four stands in front of a spaceship that has landed near a huge crater. A little further away is another figure. Last updated video: The Game Awards 2020 teaser