What to Expect from Xbox Games in 2022? we have some hunches

While 2021 was a wonderful year for Xbox fans, and particularly the one I played the most, in 2022 things promise to catch fire! First of all, I’ve noticed that Microsoft is no longer used to making random ads for games, as was the case with Ninja Theory’s Project Mara, but has been saving ammunition to shoot at E3.

As such, we believe we don’t know all of the Xbox exclusives for the next year, and that’s why we have some guesses as to what might happen. What is certain is that Bethesda will undoubtedly work on the front lines this time around, and the purchase will begin to bear fruit next year. Games like Redfall, Deathloop and Starfield are confirmed already.

It’s Bethesda time!

Xbox is full of games like never before as Microsoft has bought several studios and invested heavily in each of them. This is the best time to be an Xbox fan.

It’s already confirmed that Starfield will be released in November next year, it’s clear that at E3 2022 we should have a good dive and if possible a gameplay of this game that promises to be nothing more and nothing less than a Skyrim in space! It’s highly ambitious. Remembering that it is from the creators of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, so expectations are not modest.

In addition to it, another one that has already been confirmed is Redfall, which debuts from mid 2022. Redfall is the immersive cooperative game for four players from Arkane, it can be played single-player as well, giving you the tools to face a horde of vampires hungry and other monsters, although not much is known about him beyond that. Also at E3 2022 we should know its gameplay.

Other possible candidates for the 2022 gameplay revelations include Avalanche’s Contraband, along with Obsidian’s Avowed and Pentiment. We might also see more in-depth gameplay from Hellblade II at some point as well. However, I believe that the great Ninja Theory game will only show up again to deliver us a date.

But what about launching games? We have names like Deathloop, Starfield, Stalker 2, CrossfireX e Redfall for potential games for 2022. Bethesda parent ZeniMax has a lot of studios working that we really don’t know what. For example, id Software is working, for example, or what’s to come for franchises DOOM e Wolfenstein.

Machinima Games hasn’t shown any news for a long time and probably has Wolfenstein 3 in hand in addition to Indiana Jones. The latter is at an early stage of development, so we don’t believe it will appear for now.

Is a new Arkane Prey possible? Maybe not since it’s been releasing a lot of games in a short time, but we have ZeniMax Online Studios, who built Elder Scrolls Online and we know they’re working on a triple-A. If all these studios show up in style for Xbox next year, we could have a blockbuster stage.

As for the other Xbox Game Studios studios, we have titles like Forza Motorsport 8, State of Decay 3, The Outer Worlds 2, Fable e Perfect Dark they don’t have a launch window yet, and we haven’t heard or seen anything from The Coalition or Gears of War some time ago. There are rumors that Halo Infinite as a continuous game it has an expansion called The Endless available. Forza Horizon 5, Sea of ​​Thieves and others will undoubtedly have great expansions as is tradition too. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the known projects in 2022, but the ZeniMax acquisition somehow potentially gives some of Microsoft’s existing studios a little breathing room to really polish their nails and features.

It would also be interesting if Obsidian and Microsoft finally announced the release date for Grounded and, please, with a generous campaign. The game was a phenomenon when it first came out and many are waiting for this moment – ​​including me. Maybe it’s also in 2022 that we’ll meet the AAA RPG from inXile – possibly a SteamPunk – and the third-person adventure game from Compulsion Games.

As is to be expected, the Xbox Game Pass should receive one and we hope that new big partnerships like Outriders and MLB The Show will also emerge throughout the year. we already have Stalker 2 e A Plague Tale: Requiem, but we believe that more can be announced, we will have to be careful.

As seen, 2022 seems to be a pretty amazing and busy year and with a sea of ​​games to discover. Be prepared!