What will Microsoft present at its Gamescom 2021 conference?

It’s been a couple of days where QuakeCon is paying off. The surprise of Quake Remastered and the editions of Quake 2 and 3 Arena for Xbox Game Pass PC are on everyone’s lips. But not only that, Bethesda has also joined the party with the announcement of another version of Skyrim! that many users continue to appreciate, but that already dwarfs the myth of Resident Evil 4, one of the titles that has come out for more platforms, with 11 editions. It is clear that Microsoft dominates the flow of information and news, something that is accentuated much more with all the additions to Xbox Game Pass.

And next week we recover after a forgettable year, the well-known Gamescom, which after E3, has been the most important video game fair year after year and has traditionally been held in Cologne, Germany. However, it will again be a fully digital event. There will be a schedule, some presentations, panels, etc … practically in the same vein as E3 2021, which, remember, was practically resurrected by 3 names: Elden Ring, the Xbox and Bethesda conference and ultimately, Nintendo. Well, it seems that in this Gamescom, Sony for the moment will continue to disappear and Microsoft will appear again with a new Showcase, next August 24 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, which already dispenses with Bethesda, which is having its place, as we have said, in the current QuakeCon.

But, after the powerful presentation of E3, where the rhythm with which the more than 30 games were presented, with news, surprises and even launch dates, what can Xbox offer us? The truth is that if they let go of everything they have, it would probably leave that “perfect E3” at the height of the bitumen. Why do you say that, Pedro? What does Microsoft have up its sleeve? You may be wondering. And I really tell you that there are not so many surprises, but rather show the titles that we already know at once.

And it is that unlike what happened at E3 where many of them warned whether or not they would be in the presentation, we are only 4 days away from it and no one has spoken, therefore, at the risk that this article will age soon, let’s go to show the possibilities to give hype to the matter:


Thus, in capital letters and without further descriptions. The truth is that ANYTHING that they throw in our face with the new Fable from Playground Games is useful and even if they tell us that it will arrive in 2023, a new trailer that includes a snippet of the story or a brief gameplay would leave us well satisfied at our level of hype.

The long-awaited Hellblade 2 gameplay

You already know that at Gamescom European companies tend to have priority and more importance and if we have started with the British from Playground Games, the following are the people of Ninja Theory, who after their presentation at The Game Awards in 2019, have not returned to openly show a new trailer for Hellblade 2. This is the time and the place.

What’s new from Compulsion Games

Those in charge of We Happy Few have worked on it until recently, which received the improvement for 60 fps in Xbox Series, but we have practically no idea of ​​the new title they work on. A teaser would do us good and a good trailer would show us the way to a new hit exclusive. Be careful with this one, it might surprise you. What would unsettle us is that the study is Canadian, but it is time to appear.

Moon Studios and its possible acquisition

The relationship between the creators of the Ori saga and Microsoft is well known, but rumors indicate that there could be a more serious acquisition deal. On the other hand, Moon Studios’ next project is known to be a fully 3D Action RPG, so funding from Microsoft would be key to its success. On the other hand, the studio has previously expressed its desire to remain independent, so we will see if they appear. They are Austrian, so it does not get them very far.

The long-awaited expansion of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

The eternal awaited. It should have come out in 2019, but now 2021 ends and we still have no clues about it. We already have Cuphead on all platforms, Cuphead on dolls, it is even coming to Netflix right now. But, when do we have this expansion? Hopefully this Gamescom is the right place to give the final date and an important reason to try again with a difficult but outstanding title that no one should miss.

Cuphead: "The Delicious Last Course"

Wolfenstein 3? Indiana Jones? What’s new from MachineGames

Although we have mentioned that QuakeCon would be the ideal place for everything from Bethesda, MachineGames is also a Swedish studio and precisely announcing the new Wolfenstein 3 or the recently leaked by job interviews, multiplayer AAA project, could appear at Gamescom.

The long-awaited new gameplay of the Halo Infinite campaign and its release date

This is a drawer. Sooner rather than later, 343 Industries has to finish off the good feelings of the Technical Test with a new and authentic sample of what we will find in a campaign that promises to be the most complete in the history of the franchise. The biggest problem is that it could take away the prominence of other titles, because the Boss is the BOSS.

And since we do not want to leave you halfway, although we already see them less likely, we will name them as a minigun burst, quickly and in passing. We would not be surprised if some of them also made an appearance:

  • Gameplay de Avowed (Obsidian)
  • Gameplay de RedFall (Arkane Studios)
  • Gameplay de Project Mara (Ninja Theory)
  • Teaser of the new RPG created with Inxile’s Unreal Engine 5
  • More information about Perfect Dark (The Initiative)
  • New Contraband Trailer (Avalanche Exclusive)

Many more things would be missing, but we see it unlikely that they will appear, either due to the proximity of other titles or because it is not the most appropriate time, such as showing info about the new Forza Motorsport, when Forza Horizon 5 is right around the corner. However, apart from this, we will have the usual surprises for Xbox Game Pass and dates of other expected titles such as The Gunk O Scorn, which did not appear at E3. What do you most want to see? Tell us in the comments.