When will we see Starfield’s first gameplay? here is the answer

We’re still waiting to hear more details of Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios’ next big production, we talk about Starfield. The studio’s next big game is this, this is the big project where Bethesda’s core team is working., after Skyrim and Fallou 4.

So far we know little details of the game, we know it will make it to the Xbox Game Pass at launch, but apart from different trailers, we haven’t yet seen a gameplay of the game that shows us all the possibilities we know on paper.

Todd Howard’s AMA on Reddit made it clear when will we see the first gameplay from the long-awaited Starfield. If you thought it would be soon, you’ll have to prepare yourself a little patience, it won’t be until next summer (our winter) when we will see the game in action as it deserves.

We plan to show the game next summer [nosso inverno]. We are happy with the progress we have made in development. Some of these advances can already be seen in the engine’s announcement trailer.

Winter may coincide with Microsoft’s conference at E3 2022, so we just have to wait a few more months to see what one of the most anticipated games of recent years for Xbox and PC has to offer us.