Wild carnage will not unleash until 2022

Friends of the Far Eastern action overkill will have to wait a little longer. Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that the shooter Shadow Warrior 3 has been postponed to 2022 (platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) – in the form of a befitting “delay trailer”.

The reason for the postponement: The developers at Flying Wild Hog are currently working off their “Flying Wild Butts” in order to achieve an appropriate quality level for Low Wang’s upcoming adventure. More information will follow soon. In the Steam store, the expected result is outlined as follows:

“The fallen company shogun Lo Wang and his former employer, later archenemy and even later comrade-in-arms, Orochi Zilla embark on the seemingly unlikely mission to arrest an ancient dragon that they did not deliberately free from eternal captivity. Armed with a powerful one Combination of blades and bullets, Lo Wang has to cross unknown parts of the world to find the dark beast and call off the apocalypse again. All it takes is a mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, some sorcery and enough firepower to tame the inhospitable Shadowlands.

With the sword in the shootout
Compose a deadly symphony with each of your encounters – combine sublime firepower and deadly beautiful, precise blows with the katana to trim hordes of demons.

Great footwork
The flying change between impressive movement techniques such as air dashes, running on walls, double jumps and the chic, new grappling hook techniques give you almost unlimited fighting and movement options for every confrontation.

Run and clear away
Perform spectacular finishing moves to claim part of the defeated enemy and unleash his power on the enemy hordes in a burst of unstoppable anger and powerful magic.

Dynamic battle arenas
Every environment is filled with dangerous buildings, structures and devices that can be used and activated to add another level of creative diversity to your offensive strategies.

Neo-feudal Japan
Travel through a fabulous Asian country, woven from the magic and technology of the ancient samurai, overrun by the demonic yokai of Japanese myths.

Fun beyond the belt us anywhere else
Buckle up for Lo Wang’s dry one-liners, prick up your ears for sharp-tongued conversation wrestling matches with Zilla and enjoy the impressive series of absurd catastrophes with the aim of postponing Judgment Day one more time. ”

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