Will Fable have a shared world similar to Forza Horizon 5? Insider Klobrille hopes so

Fable will have a shared world similar to Forza Horizon 5? That’s what the well-known insider Klobrille expects, who expressed his hopes for the highly-anticipated Xbox exclusive on Twitter.

In development for at least four years, Fable could benefit substantially from a structure set up this way, according to Klobrille, who highlighted that, in fact, a similar approach has already been attempted with the third installment of the series.

“Just like Forza Horizon (and Fable 3, actually), I’m hoping Fable will also offer some sort of shared world,” the source wrote. “Not necessarily during ‘closed’ stages like quests and dungeons, but mostly in cities that can act as hubs.”

“By going to these places, you can connect with other players, show off your gear, find companions to take on missions together, and in general give the game world some vitality.”

Announced in 2020 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, Fable is expected to debut next year, according to the latest rumors, but an official release period has yet to be established.