Will Microsoft Edge get a gaming dashboard very soon?

Soon, the Microsoft Edge might include a dashboard designed specifically for games, which would allow you to quickly access various browser games and thus keep an up-to-date list at hand, which can be retrieved at any time using the browser.

The Games Panel was discovered by a Reddit user within the version currently being distributed on the Canary channel, therefore not accessible to everyone in the standard version of the software, but probably intended to be introduced permanently after the trial period.

It’s a bar that can be accessed via a button that appears to the right of the Edge Omnibar, allowing you to immediately access a list of browser games organized into different categories, which can be navigated in a particularly convenient way.

At the moment, most games come from the MSN Games, but the question is likely to evolve to include other titles as well.

Of course, the risk is that this could excessively overload the web browser, representing a kind of true bloatware, so it’s likely that the function can be left on or off at will, but it’s still part of Microsoft’s current trend of introducing multiple integrated systems. Windows-related internal software tools.

It will be clearly assessed whether this Games panel will find room in an official release of Microsoft Edge within Windows 10 and Windows 11 and in the Xbox One/Series S/Series X consoles, but in the meantime it can be tested by those who are part of the Canary channel, as long as the browser version is at least updated. to 99.0.1117.0.