Will Psychonauts 3 be developed? Tim Schafer talks about it

Looks like the wait for Psychonauts 2 was worth it. On August 25, 2021, less than a month ago, the second installment of the crazy and fun adventures of Once arrived on Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass. With spectacular ratings and a great reception from fans, Psychonauts 2 elevated the franchise and even became a clear candidate to fight for the GOTY award at the next gala of The Game Awards.

Double Fine has done an amazing job with Psychonauts 2, so every player who has gone through or is enjoying this adventure has wondered if it will be developed. Psychonauts 3. That’s why Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer spoke in an interview with TheGamer about whether there are plans to develop Psychonauts 3 in the future.

there are no plans now. There are no rules, we don’t lock the door or anything like that. I think the team and I areyou’re looking forward to something completely new, but we love these characters, and the psychic worlds are easy to expand into new adventures. We have a lot of great ideas. We are prototyping and we have new ideas, none that anyone has ever heard of.

It looks like the development of a third game won’t happen in the short to medium term. Double Fine wants to continue releasing completely different and new games. However, Tim doesn’t rule out the Psychonauts 1 remake, Anyway, we may one day be talking about Psychonauts 3 as a reality and not a simple wish of all fans, but for now Doubli Fine wants to release new IPs.

Without a doubt Psychonauts was a success, the game really has quality, but I still like to dream of a Grim Fandango 2… Excited by Double Fine’s upcoming work?