Will the game be released later than previously thought?

As part of this year’s edition of The Game Awards, the development studio Quantic Dream announced a new game called Star Wars: Eclipse. So far there have not been any real gameplay scenes, but the first trailer made us want more. The game’s release could still be a long time coming.

At least that’s what the well-known insider and leaker Tom Henderson claims. He spoke up via Twitter and again referred to a video that he published shortly before Christmas. It was all about Star Wars: Eclipse and his statement that the development of the game is already anything but smooth. One of the difficulties is that the in-house engine is probably not able to handle an open-world game of this caliber. According to his unspecified sources, it is even possible that the internal resources for the project are insufficient and that Quantic Dream could be acquired as a consequence. Recruiting new employees is also said to be a bit difficult at the moment.

If the current situation does not fundamentally change, it could happen, according to Tom Henderson, that Star Wars: Eclipse will not be released until 2026 or even 2027. However, you should enjoy the whole thing with a certain amount of caution. Henderson is a reliable insider, but so far there has been neither a statement nor a confirmation or a denial of the information on the part of Quantic Dream. Last current video: Announcement trailer TGA 2021