Windows 11: dark mode emits sounds designed to keep you calm

Windows 11 apps and notifications emit different sound effects depending on whether you use Light or Dark Mode, with the latter offering sounds designed to keep you calm.

As explained by Microsoft, the Windows 11 team has created a new sound system that goes hand in hand with the new visual design, all to ensure a more relaxing experience, opting for smoother sound effects that are still able to notify users properly, but without being oppressive.

Also, Light and Dark modes make slightly different sounds. The sound effects are the same as basic, but the dark mode ones have lower tones and are less invasive, which should help users stay focused on what they’re doing. You can get an idea for yourself of the differences between Windows 11 light and dark mode sounds, thanks to the examples proposed in the BleepingComputer article, which you can access at this address.

As a reminder, Windows 11 will be available from October 5, 2021. PCs ready to receive it with Windows 10 installed will receive version eleven as a free upgrade.