With PS5 nowhere to be found, Sony focuses on PS4, Microsoft cuts Xbox One: between crossgen and next generation

The crisis in the supply of materials and, consequently, in the production of consoles is having quite unpredictable effects on the market, to which must be added the surprising demand for new generation machines. The inability to find the PS5 in stores led Sony to make a decision that may seem strange, to continue focusing on the PS4 throughout 2022, according to Bloomberg reports.

The thing made a lot of noise especially as it seems contradict what Jim Ryan had announced at the time of the launch of the PS5, with its bombastic “we believe in generations” which seemed to point to a clean break with the past in favor of the new possibilities offered by the next generation, with the possibility of transferring the weight production of exclusive games to the PS5.

In fact, to paraphrase, one might think that by this statement he meant that they believe in the coexistence of multiple generations at this point, but the concept is logical and acceptable, even beyond the contingency given by the PS5’s shortage of materials: the PlayStation 4. is the only alternative that Sony has found to get out of this situation.

In fact, it also did a lot in deciding to cut PS4 users off from games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls or Deathloop, considering that – with some technical filing – perhaps they could have come out as cross-gen.

The feeling aroused by this decision emerges above all from the most passionate gamers who would like a Sony entirely designed on the PS5 and fear that such an approach means a greater spread of cross-gen games and that they do not, therefore, exploit the additional potential of the new machine. In addition to how much this can be debatable, given that many titles have already shown that they can present themselves in both generations scaling the technical aspect, but still impressive in the new generation, it must be said that the issue was already quite clear looking at the release schedule of 2022: Big exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7 are all crossgen, which demonstrates how the project to keep the PS4 pretty active alongside the PS5 at least all year 2022 was good and set for some time at Sony.

What might make you smile a little, if anything, is Microsoft had been accused of not betting or “not believing in generations” in making Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite cross-gen. This year Microsoft will release several exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X|S, while Sony will not follow suit.

In addition, Xbox One users who are Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play the new titles via the cloud. This resource has already arrived in Brazil and is working on steam. In this way, thanks to the cloud, Microsoft will not abandon the old owners, and will still be able to dedicate itself to the power of the new consoles.

Microsoft manages to produce many Xbox Series S, and this one is priced similarly to Xbox One or Playstation 4 in Brazil and worldwide. Here’s a great take on Phil Spencer. Sony is practically forced to bet on the last generation as it can’t produce as many Playstation 5 consoles as it would like, but Xbox is totally focusing on the new generation.

For Xbox, this year among the confirmed ones we already have Redfall, Deathloop and Starfield created by Bethesda and they are totally of the new generation. We found out today that Microsoft has stopped producing Xbox One since 2020! There are times! What seems to put Microsoft in betting forward while Sony was forced to bet also backwards.