Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife: Horror Adventure hits PlayStation VR this week

From Thursday, October 7th, PlayStation VR users will also be able to explore the eccentric Barclay Mansion with its ghosts, intrigues and mysterious deaths. Then the implementation of the horror adventure Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife for Sony’s virtual reality glasses appears.

In an abandoned property in the Hollywood Hills, the player must find the secret of a bloody séance as a “Wraith” ghost – always on the run from the Specter ghosts from a shadowy world. After all, it is a mix of adventure and stealth game. The protagonist and photographer Ed Miller’s own death is of course also a mystery. In the test for Oculus Rift and Quest in April we summed up:

“Wraith The Oblivion – Afterlife doesn’t seem quite sophisticated here and there, but Fast Travel Games can usually convince when it comes to setting up the environments and the stealthy activities with AI opponents. The bottom line is that it’s an atmospheric, engaging stealthy game Adventure with an ingenious sound mix, which is slowed down by a few brittle sections and quirks in the fine-tuning. If you don’t feel like zombies or simple moments of fright and prefer to be slowly drawn into a horror adventure, you should get your money’s worth here come.”

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