Xbox and Kinect: Bill Gates put a lot of pressure on the Xbox team, he wanted an answer for the Wii

Through the new Xbox Documentary Series, we’ve uncovered some background related to the creation of Kinect. According to what was revealed, it was the Bill Gates who pressured to find an answer, to Xbox, to the success of the Nintendo Wii.

Precisely, it is explained that in 2006 Nintendo launched the Wii console, based as you know on motion controls. This “changed everything,” in the words of former Microsoft employee Shannon Loftis. What’s more, this news caught Nintendo’s opponents off guard.

It is explained that Bill Gates wasn’t happy that the Xbox leaders hadn’t been able to predict this and come up with their own version of the Wii, so he “put a lot of pressure on the team”. Xbox designer Carl Ledbetter added that Xbox wanted to compete with Nintendo and develop its strategy, without directly copying the Wii.

Fortunately for Xbox, some research was already underway regarding the technology that later became the Kinect. The historical audience then did not react positively, but the company believes it was a “paradigm shift”, with 10 million units sold in the first 60 days. Xbox eventually abandoned motion controls, while Nintendo partially retained them with Switch Joy-Con.

Even the former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America – Jack Tretton – revealed Sony’s viewpoint on the success of the Nintendo Wii: “Nintendo came out of nowhere with a device that wasn’t based on a specific technology, but on a simple entertainment experience, about being able to play a game without having to press buttons on a controller. They clearly expanded audiences and made video games a popular form of entertainment. “

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